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  1. Dear Mrs Timi,

    I am in the process of writing a study that will be published in a few weeks on online loyalty programs in the travel industry. I will feature some very interesting companies such as Costa Cruises, Miles and More, Eurostar, Uber, and others. I came across your article on loyalty program strategies for travel and I found it very deep and interesting.

    I would love to be able to include something on Antavo as the loyalty program software sounds really interesting and actually fits the scope of my research. Loyalty in travel is quite a controversial topic and learning about a digital first platform would be awesome.

    It would be an absolute privilege to have an interview with a company whose main business is loyalty.The interview is based on some interview guidelines that I shall send upon acceptance.

    Please let me know when you would be available for a quick interview.
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Kind regards,

    Andrea Vivante

    PS: my favorite anime is Samurai Champloo – I do not know if you saw it but since I am contacting you here I thought it would be appropriate to include at least a reference to Japan and the world of anime 😛

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